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Whale Beach, one down from Palm Beach

Whale beach was off the beaten track, it seemed quiet and secluded, like we had found a hidden gem. Although it was winter, I’m sure it gets busy in the height of summer but most tourists would head to Palm Beach (Home and Away)

The ocean pool was beautiful, surrounded by natural stone and rocks.

The original photograph I painted this from had my son standing at that far corner admiring the waves and the surfers, a few months after we bought him his first ever surfboard. The sun was setting, casting dark shadows on the hills behind and giving a yellow glow to the surf spray that lingered in the air.

This painting was the first I had done of the ocean pools that the Northern Beaches have many of. And it is the one I refer to most when beginning a new painting, always hoping to create an atmosphere and an element of abstraction.

18 Beaches art project. Sydney’s Northern Beaches, from Palm Beach down to Shelly Beach

By Katie Thomas Art

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