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Freshwater Beach

We are so lucky to live close to so many beautiful beaches. Freshwater is just a couple of beaches away, about an hours walk. With yet another ocean pool, great surf and views to manly.

I really like the way the waves have turned out in this one. It has been quite a challenge for me to paint realistic waves and I’m still learning. This painting was the first time I started using my rubber brayer roller. It has helped me create that “old photograph” look. A little warn around the edges. And to play with sunlight and shadow, light and dark patches in areas within the painting. The brayer also helps to flatten the paint and gives it a matt feel when I’m painting. I like to spread the paint across the canvas with it and create lines and texture. I think it gives it a “painted on fabric” look that I’m quite pleased with. I have continued to use it in my other paintings.

Another painting of Freshwater looking in the other direction. I wanted to use the same effect with sunlight and shadow as in the previous painting. The paintings are the same size. I wanted a continuity with them so that they look good when hung together in the gallery and could easily be sold as a pair as well as individually. I have started to add more details to my paintings. I think this helps the viewer identify where the beach is, by having the surrounding buildings included as well.

Part of my 18 Beaches project

Northern Beaches

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