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My Home Beach

Dee Why is where we landed on the Northern Beaches in December 2018. Never before had we lived so close to the beach. In our first apartment we could see the beach from our balcony. We were so close that we could hear the waves and smell the sea too. The first few months were like a holiday. We spent nearly everyday at the beach or the ocean pool or exploring our surroundings.

This was my fist painting of Dee Why Beach using oil pastel and acrylic paints.

Our new apartment is only a 10 minute walk away and I do like to visit at least once a week. My favourite walk is along Dee Why Beach to Longreef and back again.

Being in Australia is like seeing light and colour for the first time. I want my paintings to show a real love and passion for being here. I am fascinated at how many times the colour of the ocean changes throughout the day. How nothing stays the same, my subject is constantly moving. I hope my paintings capture movement and light and colour.

I Like to paint on large canvases, it is a shift that has happened with my art since being here. I feel like I can put my whole body into creating a piece as it takes up so much movement and energy. It lets me have a real conversation with my art work and I can work out what I want it to say and become while painting. I paint with acrylics that dry fast so I have to work quickly - adding to the pace and energy.

As you can see I have painted Dee Why Beach many times (these are just a few) that’s why I am going to now concentrate on the other 14 beaches that I am yet to paint along the Northern Beaches. But I am glad to call Dee Why my home.

Katie Thomas Art

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