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Curl Curl Beach

My Curl Curl painting named “Walk With Me” is currently hung at Diversarty gallery in Cromer.

I mostly walk on my own around the beaches but I’ve named this painting “Walk With Me” as I’ve always got thoughts of my friends and family back in the uk while I’m out on my adventures. I regularly take pictures of my walks as a way of recording my daily activities because I know my mum will always be interested in what I’m doing and what I’ve seen along the way. It’s my therapy, a way of keeping them close when they are so far away.

”Walk With Me” is also a way of taking the viewers of my art, on a journey. Whether you are farmiliar with the scenery or have never been there before, I hope that my paintings can tell a story.

This walk is between Freshwater and Curl Curl, just below the Harbord Diggers social club. The board walk gives great views out to sea and the crashing waves on the rocks down below.

The painting catches the the glaring Australian sun reflecting off far away buildings and the sea. Sometimes I find the sun makes it hard to make out all the details of what you are looking at. I’ve tried to capture this by not always describing completely the details that I am painting, instead just hinting at what is there, making the viewers mind fill in the rest.

More to come

18 Beaches, Northern Beaches, Sydney

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